Project 2: Mary Lambert’s Body Love

Ilanka Kaplan of Interview Magazine sat down and talked with music newcomer, Mary Lambert, on her second EP (Welcome to the Age of my Body) which was released December 17, 2013. The singer/songwriter became famous when she recorded with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the award-winning song, “Same Love.” The first few paragraphs of the article introduced Mary as a singer/songwriter and as a person. Lambert is a curvy woman with lots of spunk, attitude, humor, but she is also very thoughtful and artful. The tone of Kaplan suggests that she is very respectful of and awed by what Lambert has done with her songs touching on issues of heartbreak, body image, sex and sexuality, and many more issues that we all face today. Through a script-style interview article, Kaplan shows us that Lambert is a special kind of celebrity, one who knows the importance of touching upon “untouched” issues, as well as taking time to self-nurture and have fun. 


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