new years resolution

Recently, I’ve been really into arts journalism. Interviews, Reviews, Analyses, etc. I want to take this year to really grow as a writer and as an arts administrator, so I thought of doing more artful things, just for myself.

Also, last semester, I took a film analysis class where I learned a lot about the intricacies and technicalities of film. Since then, I’ve been noticing all of the tiny directorial details. I’ve been finding those things that make it truly an art.

SO I’ve made a list of movies I’d like to see or have seen in theaters already this year and I’m going to review them here.

American Sniper ✓

Birdman ✓

The Theory of Everything ✓

The Interview

Boyhood  ✓

Into the Woods ✓

The Loft

Unbroken ✓

Cake ✓

Age of Adeline ✓

The Last Five Years ✓

Big Eyes ✓

It’s an ambitious list, and I hope to fulfill it. Cheers to 2015


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