Austin as Ariel in makeup

photo by Christina Hallowell
photo by Christina Hallowell

“So, I would go in to get into makeup at around 2 in the afternoon for a 7pm performance – which means the prep time was roughly 5 hours. 5 hours of sitting in a chair and having two people painting all over me with various types of makeup and even some actual paint for my hair. It was always astounding to look in the mirror every night before performance and not only see someone who wasn’t me, but to see someone who wasn’t human! You can’t really see your face when you’re out there on stage, but to be able to look down and see my hands and feet painted white, little designs on my fingernails that no one else would see – it was impossible not to stay in the moment with that. I remember standing in the loft every night before the show with feathers and acrylic paint in my hair and a tight sequined unitard with fabric wings and not just feel the life of theatre and of Shakespeare. To know that I was sharing in a long tradition of people getting into this makeup, or something similar, to step out on to their stage and BE Ariel.” -Austin Hayes


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